Barrel / Rope Horses and Prospects

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Bugs Alive Biankus 2002 Red Roan "Spanky" - Silver Enchantment x Moon Lady Bug -
Head and Heel horse, ready to haul to jackpots.  He is also patterned on the barrels and ready to go on with.  Will make a nice all-around horse.




RS Mollys Honor 2005 Sorrel Mare "Molly" - In Honor Of Leo X Molly Biankus

Molly is bred to be a barrel horse. She is as close to Jet Of Honor, Biankus, and Streakin Six, some of the all time great barrel sires as you can get. She is patterned and ready to start hauling.  Don't pass up the chance to be competive on a #1 barrel horse.



RCA Stan the Man 2007 Sorrel gelding - In Honor of Leo x Jim Jim Reb
Patterned on the barrels and ready to start hauling.

Mojo Silver 2003 Bay Roan - Silver Enchantment x Maketheworldgoaway 
Started rope horse, shows alot of speed, Cheyenne ran barrels on his Dam

RCA Whittle N Wood 2004 Bay Roan - Mr Metallic x Pretty Bar Biankus
Started heel horse, roped about 100 out of the box.

RCA Cactus Pete 2004 Bay Roan - Bidding Honor Sam x Cactus Cash Kate
Started roping out of the box, has been roping the hot heels and slack steer.

RCA Driftwood Chips 2005 Black - Short Drift x Heathers Drifty Red

RS Driftwood Bear 2005 Red Roan - Mr Metallic x Oceanid
Rope horse prospect, heel or calf horse, roping slow cattle out of the box, could be a big time horse.

Rock N On Andy 2005 Blue Roan - Rock On Juan x Smoothmovinmiracle
Started, Big gentle colt, roping hot heels and slack steer.

Little Mans Honor 2005 Sorrel gelding - In Honor of Leo x Moon Lady Bug

RCA Driftwood Nemo 2006 Bay Roan gelding - Mr Metallic x Pretty Bar Biankus

RCA Driftwoodprowler 2007 Bay Roan - Mr Metallic x Heathers Drifty Red

RCA Driftwood Nitro 2007 Red Roan - Mr Metallic x Yum Sing

RCA Crawfish 2007 Bay - Short Drift x Pretty Fast Frost

RCA Good Luck Chuck 2007 Bay - Short Drift x Silvers Bars Sandy

RCA Poker Chip 2007 Bay - Short Drift x RA Silver Bunny 

RS Drifting Elwood  2008 Blue Roan - Short Drift x Dreamcatcher Blues

RCA Billyblue Wood  2008 Blue Roan - Short Drift X Need To Be Prissy

RCA Driftwood Bubba  2008 Bay - Short Drift x Pretty Fast Frost

RCA Driftwood Freddy  2008 Gray - Short Drift x RA Silver Frost 

RCA Lighteningmcqueen 2009 Sorrel - In Honor Of Leo x Moon Lady Bug

Big N Rich Honor 2009 Sorrel 916 - In Honor Of Leo x Two Socks To Twist 

RS Blue Sage Bill 2009 Blue Roan - Whipp Hancock Blue x Sage Hen Dreams 

RS Driftwood Blues 2009 Blue Roan - Whipp Hancock Blue x RS Driftwood Dolly

RCA Driftwood Lewie 2009 Buckskin - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Chey Luster

RCA Smooch N Honor 2009 Sorrel - In Honor Of Leo x Maketheworldgoaway 

RCA Driftwood Zoee 2009 Buckskin - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Driftwood Chick

RCA Prissy Driftwood 2009 Blue Roan - Short Drift x Need To Be Prissy

RCA Driftwood Anchor 2009 Bay Roan - Short Drift x RCA Anchor Woman

RS Miss Blue Dreamer 2009 Blue Roan - Whipp Hancock Blue x Hennypenny Dreamer

RS Dolly Sue Blue 2009 Blue Roan - Whipp Hancock Blue x Dolly Sue Driftwood

RCA Driftwood Rosie 2009 Bay Roan - Mr Metallic x Rosie Tyree

RS Driftwood Blue Ms 2009 Bay Roan - Mr Metallic x Sugar Plumb Dingy

RCA Heathers Drifty 2009 Bay Roan - Mr Metallic x Heathers Drifty Red

RCA Bugs Alive Honor  2012 Chestnut 220 - In Honor Of Leo x Biankus Lady Bug

RCA Bluewood Hancock 2012 Blue Roan 29 - Whipp Hancock Blue x RCA Driftwood Sis 

 RS Ikes No Wampum 2012 Bay 216 -Ikes Storman Norman x Kiss My Money Honey

RCA Pretty Good Deal 2013 Bay Roan 313 - Not A Bad Deal x RCA Pretty Bar Patty




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