2021 Geldings and Mares

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RCA Cottonwood Ike Perlino 11 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Driftwood Sis 

RCA Hanks Honor Red Dun 12 - Experts Cash x RS Hollys Last Honor SOLD

RCA Driftwood Duke Buckskin 13 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Not A Bad Dolly

RCA Driftwood Caleb Buckskin 14 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Diamond Daisy SOLD

RCA Hancock Reggie Bay Roan 18 - Whipp Hancock Blue x RS Plenty Wood SOLD

RCA Driftwood Cain Brown 110 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Chey Luster SOLD

RCA Driftwood Abel Bay 111 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Sages Blackbird SOLD



RCA Driftwood Erika Buckskin 16 - Whipp Hancock Blue x RCA Driftwood Norma SOLD

RCA Honor Edith Sorrel 114 - Experts Cash x RCA Honor Ava SOLD

RCA Britnis Honor Sorrel 115 - Experts Cash x RCA Brown Bettyhonor SOLD

RCA Driftingmonalisa Bay Roan 118 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Metallic Mona SOLD

RCA Drifting Lillena Bay 120 - Ikes Drifting Pine x Frenchmanslittlelena SOLD

RCA Joni Drift Honor Buckskin 121 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Joni Is Honor SOLD

RCA Ikes Lady Dealer Bay 122 - Ikes Storman Norman x RCA Lady DiTheDealer SOLD

RCA Drifting Lori Bay Roan 123 - Whipp Hancock Blue x Ocean Wood Drifting SOLD



For more information please email Randy or call  509-840-0407.